Damaged & Expired Food Products

Damaged & Expired Food Products

EcoWEplus is proud to be a part of the substantially growing Cattle & Fish Feed Industry.

Usage of Recycled food wastes as raw material in the production of cattle feed has been increased in recent years.

WE regularly collect Damaged /nearly expired food products from Food Warehouse / Food Manufacturers /Other such establishments.

Our D&E unit, powder the collected products for further processing while ensuring that their plastic wrappers are treated using our expertise in plastic waste management solutions.

WE follow prescribed guidelines while collecting, transporting, and storing these food products

Our Storage Units ensure safety and preservation, and we abide by Cattle Feed Safety Laws.

WE Procure and Manages the following D & E Food Items:-

  • 1 Atta
  • 2 Biscuit
  • 3 Noodles
  • 4 Chocolate
  • 5 Wheat
  • 6 Rice
  • 7 Snacks
  • 8 Confectionary
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