Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste Events

While events-festivals/weddings/social gatherings-have positive impacts, they may also have negative impacts, especially on the environment.

Our Zero Waste Events/Green events help to reduce or eliminate waste.

WE offer our expert service in organizing sustainable and eco-friendly festivals, wedding ceremonies, sports events, Business conferences, Road Shows, Exhibitions, and other social gatherings.

WE helps you in:-

  • 1 Finding reusable or compostable alternatives for non-recyclable materials.
  • 2 Recommends sustainable materials and vendor contacts for them.
  • 3 Setting and executing sustainable strategies and goals.
  • 4 Volunteers for raising awareness on sustainable events.
  • 5 Trained team to manage, segregate and sort the event waste into various categories for resource recovery.
  • 6 Recycle and compost your event waste.

EcoWEplus, with its advanced technology and professional team, helps you in producing, sustainable and economically viable rich compost.
EcoWEplus offers professional Plastic Waste Management solutions and ensures maximum resource recovery.

We work along with LSG and Haritha karma sena, to ensure, 100 % segregation and regular collection of plastics
Non-recyclable plastics will be sent to cement and incineration plants.

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